22Aug 2017

Looking for an idea for your speech therapy class? Take advantage of our Giraffe as your speech therapy assistant and Krokotak’s great post on how to make paper giraffes. Have fun making them at you class 🙂 A #SpeechTherapy class idea: make paper giraffes together with your Giraffe mouth puppet assistant — Moowi […]

03Aug 2016

We have introduced an optional, significantly quicker way of shipping our puppets to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, popular destinations for our speech and language therapy puppets. Now you can have your order delivered within 1-2 weeks to USA and Canada, instead of up to 4 weeks, and 2-3 weeks to Australia and […]

16Mar 2016

Baby vision development is important as the eyesight is the least developed sense with which the baby is born. According to research, the infant sees approx. 30 times less sharply than the adult. Therefore, it is important to stimulate the infant’s vision from the first months of his/her life. Black and white baby toys are […]

20Nov 2015

Puppets are excellent speech therapy tools for use in working with children. Why? For at least five reasons: 1) it is easier to establish contact with a child, 2) you can show how to properly arrange the speech organs, 3) children are more likely to mimic the puppet, 4) it encourages the child to act […]

19Oct 2015

The Giraffe is another puppet who joined the Moowi family of speech and language therapy puppets for speech-language pathologists and kindergarten teachers. Like all the other puppets – Doggy, Kitty, Dino, Bear and Moowi – Giraffe is a great speech and language therapy tool which makes it easy to establish contact with a child. As […]

24Sep 2015

Are you looking for ideas on how to diversify your speech therapy classes with children? Try the Moowi hand puppets – new speech therapy tools that can be used to support speech development, especially when working to improve the operation of speech organs and in inducing sounds. The puppets have been created specifically for speech […]