The Giraffe is another puppet who joined the Moowi family of speech and language therapy puppets for speech-language pathologists and kindergarten teachers.

Speech-Therapy-Materials-Puppet-GiraffeLike all the other puppets – Doggy, Kitty, Dino, Bear and Moowi – Giraffe is a great speech and language therapy tool which makes it easy to establish contact with a child. As the puppet has a mouth and a tongue, it is ideally suited to demonstrate articulation exercises to the child, as well as to show how he/she should arrange her/his speech organs to pronounce a given sound. This increases the effectiveness of the speech therapy because children are more likely to mimic the puppet and act more spontaneously. In this way speech therapy exercises cease to be boring and tedious and become fun.

All Moowi puppets are made of high quality material and are distinguished by great workmanship (with special attention given to their mouth with tongue and teeth). Thanks to this the puppets are aesthetic, functional and durable.

The Giraffe, like other speech therapy puppets of the Moowi family, costs €12.5 and can be purchased in our store.