Speech Therapy Materials – Puppets

Puppets are excellent speech therapy materials that can be used to support the development of speech, especially when working to improve the operation of speech organs and in inducing sounds. The puppet is a great companion during mouth and tongue exercises. Thanks to it the work on articulation ceases to be boring and tedious because children like the puppet and are keen to imitate it. Thus the puppet with a tongue and teeth becomes a “teacher”, showing the child how to arrange his/her speech organs.

The puppet is a perfect “aide” of a speech therapist who can make speech therapy exercises more attractive with it. It also helps to initiate the contact and provides the opportunity for spontaneous fun. Moreover, the puppet supports the child in developing vocabulary and improving his/her talking capabilities. It encourages cooperation and stimulates the child’s imagination.

For speech therapists, kindergarten teachers and parents
The puppet is a tool that can be used by speech therapists in many areas of their work with children: articulation exercises, swallowing exercises, imitating sounds, repeating words, learning colours, shapes and reading. Puppets can also serve as speech therapy materials for teachers in kindergartens who are also working on children’s correct pronunciation and vocabulary building. The puppets are excellent speech therapy materials for parents too, encouraging systematic work and the self-repetition of exercises performed with a speech therapist.

The puppets can also be used in therapeutic work in delayed speech development, mental impairment, autism and treatment of disfluencies.