The course of group speech therapy activities in the classroom:

1. Welcome – the speech therapist introduces himself and his assistant Moowi the Puppet. They say hi to children and learn their names.

2. Talk about speech therapy – what we need to speak correctly, what and why we will be practicing in our classes (articulation, hearing and breathing).

3. Tongue gymnastics with Moowi – the speech therapist together with Moowi present articulation exercises.

Look! Moowi has such a long and agile tongue, and can do different exercises with it. Can you do that too? (we raise the tongue behind the upper teeth, “we paint” the palate with the tongue, we count the teeth, we smack and send kisses, etc.)

4. Hearing game – hearing puzzles. The speech therapist demonstrates the sounds of various objects: splashing water, mixing water in a glass with a spoon, crumpling a sheet of paper, bouncing a ball on the floor, etc. Children have to remember these sounds and then, one by one, shut their eyes and guess the sounds.

5. Hearing-moving game – playing and dancing to a song, e.g. this one.

6. Breathing game – colorful feathers. The speech therapist gives the children feathers and asks them to put them on their palms, then inhale through their noses and blow the feathers. We repeat the game several times.

7. Artistic fun – the children stick the feathers they have been given on a piece of paper and use crayons or paints to create an artistic work.

8. Ending and good-bye.

Have fun :). And if you need Moowi to run your group speech therapy activities for pre-schoolers according to this scenario, you can buy one here. You can also use any other Moowi puppets as your speech therapy assistant.