Are you looking for ideas on how to diversify your speech therapy classes with children? Try the Moowi hand puppets – new speech therapy tools that can be used to support speech development, especially when working to improve the operation of speech organs and in inducing sounds.

Pomoce-logopedyczne-pacynkaThe puppets have been created specifically for speech therapists and kindergarten teachers who work every day to improve the pronunciation and vocabulary of the children under their care. The puppets, which have a tongue and teeth, are the perfect assistant for every speech therapist. They help initiate contact with the child and can also be used to show the child how he/she should arrange her/his speech organs when pronouncing given sounds. As the children are eager to imitate the puppet, working on articulation ceases to be boring and tedious and instead it becomes interesting and colourful.

The Moowi puppets can be used in such areas of working with children as: practicing articulation, swallowing exercises, imitating sounds, repeating words, learning colours, shapes and reading. The puppets can also be used in therapeutic work in delayed speech development, mental impairment, autism and treatment of disfluencies.

The manufacturer of the new speech therapy tools – Moowi – prepared 5 models of the puppets: Moowi, Dino, Doggy, Kitty and Bear. One puppet costs 12.50. The puppets are also available in sets of 3 and 5 units. When buying puppets in sets you can get a discount.

You can buy the Moowi speech therapy puppets in our store.

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